Pictorial Calendar 2020

                                                 THE GARDEN CLUBS OF AUSTRALIA's

                                2020 “BEAUTIFUL GARDENS OF AUSTRALIA” CALENDAR

This annual calendar of beautiful Australian gardens depends on receiving good quality images from members of affiliated clubs and subscribers to Our Gardens. 

It makes an excellent gift for family and gardening friends, particularly those overseas.

The closing date for submission of images is 15 February 2019.

The simple rules for image submissions:
1.        Submissions must be from members of an affiliate club or a subscriber to Our Gardens
2.         Only digital images can be submitted in JPEG or RAW format.
3.         Images must have been taken in Australia and be in landscape format.
4.         The number of images a member can submit is unlimited.
5.         Images are to be submitted either via email to calendar@gardenclubs.org.au, as attachments to the email, or by post on a USB or
            CD. Return postage only if a stamp addressed envelope is included.
6.         Each submission must include:

            - the name and address of the photographer.

            - the name of your affiliated garden club or group with state & zip code or as a magazine subscriber.

            - the name of the garden and state displayed if the image is intended for consideration for the main calendar pages.

Each photo selected for the main calendar pages will attract a copyright fee (non-exclusive) of $100 paid to the photographer by the publisher, Bartel Calendars.

Paul Lucas, GCA Calendar Coordinator Enquiries: photocomp@gardenclubs.org.au

Bartel Calendars copyright statement for photos selected for the calendar
Each photographer owns a copyright to all photographs submitted. The calendar publisher, Bartel Calendars, purchases the right to use those photos chosen to be featured as the main garden pictures for $100 each. The photographer also retains the right to use and publish the photo.
The copyright purchased by Bartel is unlimited (may be used many times in any Bartel Calendars) but non-exclusive. 
The photographer retains an equal right.

These copyright conditions are part of the rules governing the submission of photos.

The copyright issue only affects the Publisher, Bartel Calendars, and the photographer. Photographers need not be members of an affiliated club.
In a legal sense, copyright issues do not involve the club submitting the photos nor the owner of the garden featured. Courtesy issues between the photographer and the garden owner are the province of the photographer.