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“Garden Clubs of Australia is not offering blanket Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance protection owing to the complex nature of the application and the limited number of clubs that have expressed interest.”
We have however secured detail of suitable coverage through our brokers, Trident, and the product information sheet shown here explains the coverage provided.
There is also a detailed application form here that should be forwarded to Belinda Caunt whose contact details are on the Information sheet.
Should you prefer you can arrange similar insurance coverage through your own contacts.
Please click on document links below:
Association Liability Form
Product Information

  • All documents are in PDF format and can be read on screen, printed from there or downloaded.
  • To access the file, click on the link, then read, save or print it as required.
  • All documents are the property of the GCA.
  • All of the information and forms on this page are for current Affiliates of the GCA. To affiliate, or to subscribe to the GCA's Our Gardens magazine, please consult other pages on this website.
  • To join and benefit from the GCA's Master Insurance Scheme, Organisations must be Affiliated.
  • The GCA Committee reserves the right to amend, delete or add documents for affiliates on this page, as required.



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           - 2018 Annual Photo Competition Entry Form


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