Sydney Suburbs

Ideas for celebrating National Gardening Week October 8-14 2017
Throw a garden party, visit a local park, join a garden club, plant a tree, visit your local nursery or just spend a day relaxing on the lawn – the list of possible activities is endless!
Garden Clubs and community groups - organise an Open Garden Day/Weekend and raise funds for your favourite charity or other worthwhile projects.
Organise a workshop event with a guest speaker or at your regular garden club meeting.
Visit an Open Garden Day or historic property where the garden is a feature.
Organise a picnic in your local park.
Visit one of Australia’s numerous Botanic Gardens.

1. For information on a club or zone, contact the GCA Zone Coordinator.
2. To update club details, contact the GCA Membership Secretary 
3. "Not Authorised" means the club has not authorised the GCA to publish contact details.

Note: Only clubs affiliated to the GCA are listed here.

Welcome to Anglesea Street Communal Garden Inc from The Garden Clubs of Australia
Welcome to Camellia Ark Australia Inc from The Garden Clubs of Australia

Club Meetings Contact
Anglesea Street Communal Garden Inc Contact Secretary 0412 777 330
ANOS Macarthur 3rd Thursday 7.30pm 02 4681 8589
Avalon Community Garden Assoc. Inc 2nd Monday 7.30pm 02 9973 1037
Australian Geranium Society Inc 4th Saturday 1.45pm (except December) Not Authorised
Australian National Bonsai Association Inc 3rd Saturday noon 02 8786 0556
Australasian Native Orchid Soc. - Warringah Group Inc 1st Tuesday 7.30pm Not Authorised
Bankstown Garden Club Inc 1st Tuesday 10am (except January) 02 9645 3579
Bankstown Orchid Society Inc 1st Monday 7.30pm (except Jan) 02 9796 1038
Beecroft & District Garden Club 1st Friday 8pm 02 9484 7414
Berowra & District Orchid Society  3rd Thursday 8pm 02 9456 5375
Berowra Garden Club Inc 2nd Thursday 7.30pm Not Authorised
Blacktown City Garden Club Inc 1st Wednesday 7.30pm 02 9671 3087
Bongalong Street Community Garden Inc  Every Sunday 9am email 02 9436 3564
Bonsai Federation of Australia Northern Inc Last Saturday of month 3 times a year Not Authorised
Bonsai Society of Australia Inc 1st Tuesday 8pm 02 9871 4162
Bonsai Society of Sydney Inc 4th Saturday 1.30pm 0414 510 933
Bonsai Study Group Contact Sec. 02 9498 7024
Bromeliad Society of Australia Inc (The) 2nd Saturday 12 noon 0408 202 269
Cactus & Succulent Society of NSW Inc 1st Friday 02 4777 4876
Camden Garden Club Inc 2nd Friday 10.30am (02 4626 7752) 0408 033 660
Camellia Ark Australia Inc Varies 02 9653 2202
Campbelltown Bonsai Group Inc Weekly Monday 7.30pm Not Authorised
Caringbah Garden Club Inc 3rd Wednesday 10.15am 02 9525 9613
City of Fairfield Garden Club Inc 1st Sunday 2.00pm - 2nd Sunday, (Sept & Oct) 2.00pm 02 9727 5697
Concord Garden Club Inc 2nd Friday 1.30pm 02 9744 8302
Cottage In The Graveyard Community Garden 1st Saturday 12pm 0412 252 262
Cottage Garden Club  Contact Sec 02 4788 1097
Cumberland Bonsai Society Inc 4th Monday 7.30pm 02 9631 2808
Cumberland Orchid Circle Inc 4th Wednesday 8pm 02 9874 2306
Cymbidium Club of Australia Inc 2nd Thursday 8pm 02 9773 9197
Dural & Hills District Garden Club Inc 1st Wednesday 8pm 02 9651 2475
Eastwood and District Orchid Circle Inc 1st Wednesday 8pm contact Secretary Not Authorised
Eastwood Evening Garden Club 2nd Tuesday 7.30pm (except January)  02 9874 2306
Engadine Home Gardeners Club Inc 4th Thursday 10.30am 02 9520 9158
Fairfield District Orchid Society Inc 2nd Wednesday 7.00pm 02 9601 4053
Fairlight Garden Club Inc 2nd Wednesday 10am 02 9905 3303
Five Dock RSL Orchid Society Inc 4th Thursday 7.30pm (Jan-Nov) 0412 335 349
Florilegiums Society at Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney Inc Monthly meetings N/A AGM Oct/Nov 02 9879 4038
Francis Street Community Garden Inc 2nd Saturday 2pm 0433 128 429
French's Forest Garden Club Inc 4th Tue 10am 02 9452 2181
Friends of White Creek Valley Park Inc Contact Secretary 0403 131 410
Galston District Garden Club Inc 2nd Wednesday 8pm 0418 634 475
Gordon Garden Club Inc 3rd Friday 10am 02 9958 4455
Graduates Garden Club Inc 3rd Tuesday 10am 0410 513 574
Graduates Garden Club Mark 11 Inc 3rd Tuesday 10am 0410 513 574
Graduates Garden Club Mark 111 Inc  4th Tuesday 10.30am Not Authorised
Harbord Diggers Garden Club 4th Sunday 10am 02 9949 9777
Hills Shire Garden Club Inc. (The) 3rd Monday 1pm Not Authorised 
Holroyd Garden Club For Home Gardeners Inc 2nd Wednesday 10.30am 0449 643 323
Horticultural Therapy Society of NSW Inc Contact Secretary 02 9448 6392
Ingleburn Horticulture Society & Garden Club Inc 2nd Wednesday 7.30pm 0421 319 804
Killara Garden Club Inc 2nd Thursday 10.00 am 02 9499 6096
Kingsgrove Garden Club Inc 4th Monday l0.00 am Not Authorised
Ku-Ring-Gai Horticultural Society Inc 1st Tuesday 7.30pm (except January)  02 9449 6245
Ku-Ring-Gai Orchid Society Inc 3rd Monday 8pm Not Authorised
Manly Waringah Orchid Society Inc 4th Thursday 8pm 02 9940 0797
Maroubra Garden Club Inc 2nd Wednesday 10.30am 0408 707 063
Mona Vale Garden Club Inc 4th Saturday 9.30am (Feb to Nov) 02 9997 1060
Mosman Garden Club Inc. 2nd Tuesday 7pm (Excl Jan & July) Email 0412 204 949
Narrabeen Lake Garden Club Inc 2nd Friday 10am 02 9999 2233
Nepean Bonsai Society Inc 4th Sunday 2pm 0418 660 206
Newtown Sustainability Group Inc Contact Secretary Not Authorised
North Shore Orchid Society Inc 1st Wednesday 8pm 02 9451 9144
NSW Begonia Society Inc 3rd Sunday 2.00pm (1.30pm June/July/Aug) 0410 271 599
NSW Camellia Research Society Inc Variable - refer to Newsletter 02 9489 4482
Orchid Society of NSW Inc Last Monday 8pm 02 9649 2719
Orchid S.P.E.C.I.E.S. NSW Inc 2nd Wednesday 8pm Not Authorised
Parramatta & District Orchid Society Inc 4th Tuesday 7.30pm Not Authorised
Parramatta Morning Garden Club Inc 4th Monday 10am contact Joan Joachim 02 9632 0403
Pennant Hills Garden Club Inc 4th Wednesday 10.30am 02 9484 6681
Penrith City Garden Club Inc 3rd Monday 7.30pm Not Authorised
Permaculture Sydney Institute 1st Saturday 2pm 02 9888 257
Permaculture Sydney North Inc 2nd Monday 7pm 02 9858 3074
Permaculture Sydney South Inc Contact Secretary 02 9534 6227
Permaculture Sydney West 1st Monday 7pm Not Authorised
Pittwater Community Garden Association Inc 2nd Tuesday 7.30pm 0408 983 020
Revesby Workers Garden Club Inc 1st Saturday l0.00am 02 9774 2072 
Rose Society of NSW Inc Quarterly (Feb, May, Aug, Nov) 02 4735 1730
Royal Horticultural Society of NSW Inc 4th Wednesday of month  0418 692 003
Sakura Bonsai Studio Inc 2nd Sunday 10.30am Not Authorised
School of Bonsai Inc (The) Contact Sec Not Authorised
St. George & Sutherland Camellia Society Inc 1st Saturday 11am (Mar-Oct) 02 9546 5555
St Ives Evening Garden Club Inc 4th Monday 7.30pm (except Dec-Jan) 02 9449 6929
St Matthews-Peakhurst Garden Club 1st Friday 10.00am (except January)  02 9580 1413
Sydney City Bonsai Club Inc 2nd Tuesday 7pm 0411 718 151
Sydney Harbour Garden Club Inc 3rd Wednesday 10.30am 02 9450 1046
Transition Parramatta Inc 4th Wednesday 7pm 0410 688 499
Tropical Garden Society of Sydney Inc 4th Tuesday 7.30pm Not Authorised
Turtle Lane Community Garden Inc Last Sunday 4pm Not Authorised
Vaucluse Garden Club Inc 3rd Wednesday 10am 02 9371 6630
Wahroonga Garden Club Inc 3rd Thursday 10am (except Jan) 02 9440 7736
Wentworth Garden Club 3rd Thursday every 2nd month Not Authorised
Western Suburbs Orchid Society Inc 3rd Monday 7pm 0433 899 767
Whites Creek Community Garden 1st Saturday 3.00pm
0400 395 847
Wilford L.A.N.E Project Inc Contact Secretary email