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1. For information on a club or zone, contact the GCA Zone Coordinator.
2. To update club details, contact the GCA Membership Secretary
3. "Not Authorised" means the club has not authorised the GCA to publish contact details.

Note: Only clubs affiliated to the GCA are listed here.
Welcome to the Exmouth Community Garden Inc from The Garden Clubs of Australia.

Club Meetings Contact
Australasian Natve Orchid Society of WA Inc 2nd Mon 7.45pm (Feb - Nov) Not Authorised
African Violet Society of WA Inc 3rd Sat 1pm (except Dec, May and Jan) 0407 702 879
Albany Orchid Society Inc 4th Wed 7pm 0447 829 181
Ashbil Community Garden Bridgetown Inc Last Monday of month 4.15pm Not Authorised
Bridgetown Garden Club 2nd Sat (Contact Secretary) 08 9761 2560
Bunbury Orchid Society Inc 1st Sun 9am Not Authorised
Busselton & Districts Horticultural Society Inc 3rd Fri 1pm 08 9754 1362
Cactus & Succulent Society of WA Inc 2nd Sun 2pm Not Authorised
Camellia Society of WA Inc 4th Sun 2pm 0438 533 049 
Capel & Districts Garden Club Inc 1st Fri 1.30pm Not Authorised
Carnarvon Horticultural Society Inc Last Sat 2pm Not Authorised
Cymbidium Orchid Club of WA Inc 3rd Mon 7.30pm (except Dec-Jan) Not Authorised
Dwellingup Garden Club Sun - 4pm varies 08 9538 1604
Ellenbrook Community Garden Club Last Fri 7.30pm Not Authorised
Exmouth Community Garden Inc Contact Secretary in Postal Zone Not Authorised
Flower Arrangers Morley Inc 3rd Sat noon 08 9271 0096
Gardeners Circle WA Inc 3rd Mon 7.30pm (Feb-Nov)  0402 948 773
Geraldton Orchid Society Inc 2nd Mon 7.30pm 08 9921 7162
Green Bushes Community Garden 2nd Wed 4.30pm 08 9764 3414
Halls Creek Community Garden Every 2nd Wednesday 6pm 0438 349 689
Hamersley Habitat Community Garden Inc 3rd Monay 5.30pm 08 9447 8052
Harvey Garden Lovers Club Inc 2nd Friday 9.30am 0402 686 309
Herb Society of Western Australia Inc. 4th Mon 7.30pm (Feb-Nov)  08 9459 2964
Joondanna Community Garden Inc Contact Club email
Kelmscott & Districts Garden Club Inc 2nd Mon 7.30pm 08 9459 4526
Kununurra Community Garden Inc 3rd Tue 7pm 0407 833 462
Lake Monger Community Community Garden Inc Contact Secretary 0408 476 919
Mandurah & Districts Orchid Club Inc 3rd Thu 7.30pm 08 9591 2995
Manjimup Community Garden Contact Secretary 0427 558 963
Mayo Community Garden Inc 1st Sun 9am Not Authorised
Midland Friendly Garden Club Inc Alt. Thu 9.30am 08 9279 2858
Mundaring Garden Club Fortnightly Tues Not Authorised
Northern Districts Orchid Society Inc 1st Monday each month 8pm 0408 255 401
Orchid Judging Panel of Western Australia 1st Mon 7.30pm 08 9295 5448
Orchid Society of Western Australia Inc 4th Fri 8pm 08 9367 9306
Our Community Garden Collie 1st Tue 2pm 08 9734 1127
Palm & Cycad Society of Western Australia 4th Tue 7.30pm 08 9454 4428
Paphiopedilum Study Group of Western Ausstralia 2nd Sun 10am 08 9309 1828
Peel Region Orchid Society of WA. Inc  1st Wed 7.30pm 08 9537 8477
Perth Garden Club Inc 3rd Sun 2pm Feb - Nov 08 9367 1622
Rockingham & Districts Garden Club Inc 2nd Thurs 1pm (except Dec/Jan/May) 08 9593 4175
Rose Society of Western Australia Inc 3rd Thu 7:30pm not Jan/July/Dec 08 9409 1994
0478 618 234
South Eastern Orchid Society of WA 3rd Tue 8pm 0402 832 437
Southern Floral Art Group Inc 3rd Sat 11am 0423 328 518
South West Rose Society Inc  2nd Mon 10am 0418 972 957 
Species Orchid Society of WA Inc 2nd Tue 7.45pm (no Jan; Dec 1st Tue) 08 9447 4528
Sunset Coast Gardening Group Inc 3rd Thur 10am Not Authorised
Toodyay Garden Club 1st Thu 10am Not Authorised
Verdant Vista Community Garden of Ellenbrook Inc 3rd Sun 2pm 0419 939 347
Wanneroo Joondalup Orchid Society 3rd Thu 8pm 08 9448 5840
W A Geranium & Pelargonium Society Inc  3rd Mon 10am Not Authorised
West Australian Chrysanthemum Society Inc  2nd Tues 12 noon (Sept, Nov, Feb & April) 0421 778 717
West Australian Floral Art Society Inc 2nd Sat 1.30pm 08 9450 6620
West Australian Horticultural Council Inc N/A - delegates only 08 6361 7688
West Australian Iris Society Inc 3rd Sun 2pm Not Authorised
York Garden Club Inc 1st Wed 11.am 0419 922 939